Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sadness, Discouragement, Depression...

Today was proof that the smallest of things can change everything, and I feared I would have to make this post. In effect of the technical problems I mentioned in today's earlier post, production of our short film, The Interrogator, has been very sadly postponed for an indefinite period of time, until I can get all of these bugs worked out.

AJ and I are feeling just awful right now, and it's gonna take a while before we can get things together again. Say a little prayer for us. We really need it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Unrelated Topic

SEE IT!!!!! SEE IT NOW!!! OR ON JULY 21!!! SEE IT!!!!!


Oy! This is the kind of day that would make a guy want to leave moviemaking behind forever. I've been doing some test scenes, and my acting isn't really the best. On top of that, the editing system is acting...strange. And even more so, the camera won't even replay the footage I already shot! But the worst thing?


I seriously hope a prayer comes through so the short's planned production schedule won't be doomed. If things keep going as they are, expect another discouraging post like this later on today.

I bet Kevin Smith never had to put up with this.

H37 Logo!

Haven 37 Films now has its official logo! To go along with the logo, we also now have a website:


Filming on Saturday, June 10!

If all goes well--and, according to Will, the circumstances have been aligning themselves in such a way that it's almost kismet--Will will be shooting The Interrogator this Saturday, June 10!

This is a huge leap forward for the production. Will just has to prep, and after I come home from my cousin's wedding tomorrow, we're going to have an important late-night discussion to make sure of all the creative decisions that we agree on.

As Al Swearengen says, "Huzzah!"

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Bit of Good News

Well, I'm happy to report that things have been working themselves out so that I might get to shoot my stuff for The Interrogator sometime this weekend, so ye may be seeing The Interrogator a lot sooner than I imagined. Throughout the week, I'm gonna be finalizing some things and shooting some test footage for a few people to see so they can tell me...well, if I'm awful. We'll be back soon with more info, and until then you've got my shiny new mock-up poster to look at. Ahh, good times.