Monday, May 08, 2006

New Script Draft

Will has cleaned up some of the script and whipped up a new draft, with minor changes here and there. There was especially a very entertaining debate on whether to use "bride," "wife," or "woman" in the context of a certain piece of dialogue. Jeez, ya gotta get those things 100% right down to the teensiest, tiniest little detail.

I believe that Will is going to further polish the script tomorrow, but all of my dialogue is in perfect form, so I'll be recording my performance tomorrow morning or afternoon.

Will has also staked a location for the film's principal photography, which is scheduled to begin on Friday. Will and I live states apart, so I won't be able to participate onset, but he's promised to show me all of the footage for my approval. :-D

The filming will be done in one night in the windowless back office of a business. And, hey, lest I forget: It's going to be in black-and-white!


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