Sunday, May 07, 2006

More About The Interrogator

As Will said above, The Interrogator is a new short film. Here's some info for ya:

Starring Will Penley and Arlo J. Wiley
Written by Will Penley and Arlo J. Wiley
Based on an original story by Will Penley
Directed by Will Penley

Notorious gangster Jimmy Ryan has finally been busted and has to give up all his information from life in the mob in order to come out with a clean slate and life protection. His life is now in the hands of THE INTERROGATOR.

And I do believe we're going to be releasing it under the Five Dollar Shake Productions banner, but I could be wrong.

Not sure when filming is going to begin, as Will is just now whipping the plot and dialogue into concise script format; we'll get back to you with updates as soon as we can.

You're gonna dig it, bitches!


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